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What is DSGMusic?

DSGMusic a combination of several components. We offer a wide-scope of material related to music performance and production. Vocal, instrumental and educational resources for churches, schools and the individual musician.

DSGMusic is varied in its scope of materials and musical offerings. We bring together a unique blend of products, genres, styles and instrumentation in one website.

Why DSGMusic?

DSGMusic was established out of a desire to provide an alternative to other on-demand music websites by offering new, fresh and original music products and arrangements.

Most music websites like this one are focused on style, or genre of music. At DSGMusic you will find what we hope is depth of material you won’t find anywhere else.

What are the goals of DSGMusic?

We desire to provide relevant and creative materials that will help you be a better performer, arranger, composer or educator.

We will also be developing and recruiting other contributors that will bring a wider scope of offerings in the near future.

We desire for DSGMusic to become an interactive site for the music community.

We believe the strength of art is in community, the bringing together of the artist and the art, to provide what will hopefully be a much stronger end result.

Who is behind DSGMusic?

Our primary contributor, and founder, is David S. Gaines. Click here to find out more about David!